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Experimental painting

For beginners
& Advanced

In this face-to-face course, you will learn about different painting techniques and their application. Art techniques are explained and tried out with different materials. 

(For all those living further outside: it can be switched on online,

from the comfort of your home!

Don't be afraid to talk to me about this!)

Materials needed

You need what you can find at home:  

  • different types of paper (e.g. watercolor paper, cardboard, baking paper, colored paper)

  • Drawing pad (minimum size A4 and larger) 

  • different brushes

  • sponge

  • Fineliner

  • various pencils, felt pens and colored pencils

  • Eraser, scissors, sharpener, glue

  • Watercolor / acrylic / oil / ink colors (if not available, a simple water-painting box will do)

  • Painting rags, painting underlay (e.g. newspaper).


4x Fridays / 2: 00-3: 30 p.m. / Obstmarkt 9, Bamberg.


1) 10/22/21  

Further dates: 

2)  10/29/21

3)  11/05/21

4)  11/12/21

Course fee

149.90 € for 4x 90 min.

Max. 6 people! To be fast!

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