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Urban sketching

For beginners
& Advanced

What's this  Urban sketching  precisely ?


So-called urban drawing is a relatively modern art movement that depicts places and scenes that one encounters in everyday life or when traveling. These scenes are first sketched - hence the term sketching - and then very often colored.

What makes urban sketching special is not to use any photographic or media templates, but to draw the motifs directly on site. As the name suggests, primarily urban scenes are drawn, but this is not a must.


In this classroom course you will learn 

Sketching / drawing directly on site and also for advanced draftsmen, this course is worth recommending, because the eye is trained and the drawing should always be deepened and repeated in front of a real template.


Use the opportunity to capture such a great city as Bamberg in drawings under professional guidance!

Materials needed

You need:

  • a sketch / drawing pad (Din A5 or larger) 

  • various pencils, graphic, charcoal and colored pencils

  • Acrylic painting utensils and / or ink if desired 

  • Drawing board / clipboard


4x Mondays / 4:00 p.m.-5: 30 p.m. / meeting point at the painting and drawing school, Obstmarkt 9, 2nd floor, Bamberg.


1) October 18, 21  

Further dates: 

2)  10/25/21

3)  11/01/21

4)  11/08/21

Course fee

179.90 € for 4x 90 min.

Max. 8 people! 

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