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I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, whereby I do I have been doing commissioned work since my days in school,

where I strictly follow the wishes of the interested parties

and no job seems impossible to me.

Even if there is no solid motif,

I am happy to help put the idea into practice.

In which technique or with which painting utensils the desired motif should ultimately be artistically realized depends entirely on the client.

I not only enjoy holding the finished picture in my hands - I also love the work process behind every picture.

The template does not change, but the resulting work itself. Depending on how much freedom I am granted in an order, the more complex and important the motif ultimately becomes for me.

If I am not busy with commissions or unusual art projects, I experiment and paint, regardless of what and with what material I like at the moment.

Laufende Ausstellungen

Laufende Ausstellungen

Kunst in der Praxis - Dauerausstellung

HNO-Praxis Dr. Adler, Münchener Str. 4, Roth (Mittelfranken)

Coming soon....



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